Common problems and solutions of crawler manure cleaning for laying hen


Applicable breeding mode


Closed chicken house or closed chicken house with windows, 4-layer to 8-layer stacked cage or 3- to 5-layer stepped cage equipment.


run and install


The crawler-type manure removal system consists of three parts: longitudinal crawler manure removal equipment in the house, transverse crawler manure removal equipment and external oblique belt conveyor, including motor, reducer, chain drive, driving roller, passive roller and crawler, etc. part.


The layered cage crawler-type manure removal is a vertical manure removal belt under each layer of the chicken cage, and the stepped cage crawler-type manure removal is only installed on the bottom layer of the chicken cage 10 cm to 15 cm from the ground. Manure track.


Common problems and solutions


Common problems with crawler-type manure removal include: deviation of the manure removal belt, thin chicken manure on the manure belt, and the driving roller rotates while the manure removal belt does not move. The solutions to these problems are as follows.


Manure removal belt deviation: adjust the bolts at both ends of the rubber-coated roller to make them parallel; re-align the welding at the connection; re-correct the cage frame.


The chicken manure on the manure is thin: replace the drinking fountain, apply sealant to the connection; administer medicine for treatment.


When the manure is cleaned, the driving roller rotates and the manure conveying belt does not move: the manure conveying belt should be run regularly to remove manure; tighten the tension bolts at both ends of the driving roller; remove foreign matter


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