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Vegetable stacking baskets are placed in supermarkets, hypermarkets, warehouses, and logistics. There are two stacking methods. A stacking method when placing things, and a stacking method when transporting frames. It is used to stack vegetables, fruits, snacks and other things that need to be placed.

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  detail (1) Production Vegetable Fruit Crate-01
Dimension 600*400*105mm
Volume 25L
Materials PP
Package 18pcs/carton
Weight 12KG
COLOR Black(It can be customized.)
 detail (2) Production Vegetable Fruit Crate-02
Dimension 600*400*195mm
Volume 45L
Materials PP
Package 16PCS/CARTON
Weight 1.6KG
COLOR Black(It can be customized.)
detail (4) Production Vegetable Fruit Crate-03
Dimension 600*400*245mm
Volume 55L
Materials PP
Package 14PCS/CARTON
Weight 1.85KG
Colot Black(It can be customized.)
 detail (3) Production Vegetable Fruit Crate-04
Dimension 600*400*300mm
Volume 70L
Materials PP
Package 10PCS/CARTON
Weight 2.2KG
Color Black(It can be customized.)

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Advantage of the vegetable Stacking baskets

1.The Save of transporting fee: It can save 70% transporting cost and save the expensive freight expanse.
2the decreasing of storage fee: It can save 70% storage cost.
3.It is a new designing, it has varieties of functions.
4.We use the new materials pp to produce instead of recycled ones so we can make sure the quality.
5.We also pass the SGS testing system to make sure the quality of virgin materials and he products.
6.We use the whole injection one time, so we can make new baskets for smooth cutting and beautiful shapes, no tough edge.
7.One box can burden more weight than others, we use the new design and add more lines on the bottoms.
8.And we can customize for clients to print the logos of their owns and there are enough storage to supply in time.


Vegetable Crates can be used for vegetables, fruits,toy, drink,candy and any goods you want in the supermarkets, shopping mall, convenience stores and groceries etc.


About the company

We lonovae have dozens of injection machine and fifties molds to meet various your requirements. We can more than ten thousands of baskets to produce. And we have twelve-year-experience shopping mall service,including stastic electricity powder, goods shelves and vegtable baskets etc. And for the quality, we use the new virgin PE garanules from China-Korea Petroleum Corporation.And about the location, we are in Yangtze River Delta, close to Shanghai, and there are many sea routes here. It is convenient and quick for transporting.



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